The blog is born and I introduce myself!


Welcome you crazy people! (Let me pretend someone is actually reading this, don’t burst my bubble.)

So who the hell am I?

Well, my name is Sadir S Samir, 28 years of age and currently residing in the cold country of Sweden. By day I work as a video game producer, more specifically at Starbreeze Studios, where we made a game called PAYDAY 2. If you want to know more about the studio, you can check out this link:

By night I work on my dark post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, with the working name “Al Alem – Resurrection”. I’m at 40 000 words right now, and the goal is a maximum of 120 000. If my outline holds, then I should land just below that mark. I am confident I will have my first draft complete by the end of November.

In this blog I will share my thoughts about working in the video game industry, as well as the journey of becoming an author.

I’m sure I will derail from this at times and talk about other stuff I love, like role-playing-games (tabletop and video games), comic books and movies, and so on.

Let the madness begin!

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