How it all started

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to create my own stories.

When I was young, I used to play with these G.I. Joe Action Force figures that I absolutely loved.

I had created a word document on my dad’s old PC, where I had listed all the figures I had. In that document I had given them new names, background information, and who was connected to who. Making them real characters. When I later had my play-sessions, it always acted out like an episode, so the next time I played, the story continued from where I had left off. I always spoke English when playing, because it didn’t sound cool speaking Swedish (you know what I’m talking about).

I was 8 years old when I watched the movie Alien for the first time and shortly after I watched Demolition Man (my mom’s friend used to record these movies from cable TV, and give me VHS tapes – she was awesome). So at that point, I had been exposed to something so much cooler than the shitty kiddies shows on TV. It wasn’t until Batman TAS I started watching cartoons again. Then came X-Men TAS Spiderman TAS, and my interest in comics was born.

The play-sessions went on for years, and sometimes I faked the death of a figure, to have him return several weeks later, surprising the other figures. Sometimes I had a figure leave the good guys and join the bad guys, and vice versa. At this point I was trying to catch the awesomeness I got from watching movies.

Unfortunately I lost all of my beloved figures when I grew up . . . So that’s why I bought them all again! 🙂

PS. I’m a grown ass man: I can play with toys how much I want.

PSS. My girlfriend thinks our future children will get to play with these. YEAH RIGHT, like I would let that happen.

bild 1 (1)jajaj

4 thoughts on “How it all started

    1. Tack Erik, Häftigt att höra! Jag har hört att George RR Martin även lekte mycket med figurer och skapade berättelser runt dom, så det kanske är vanligare än man tror. Tråkigt 😦 Vad var det för figurer?


  1. Bro! Jag kommer ihåg dessa figurer, har några av mina egna favoriter som du lät mig leka med (jag är 9 år äldre!). Venom är min favorit! Även idag när jag ser en action-figur så blir Jag glad som ett barn 🙂 Kul med bloggen, ska bli kul att få dela dina tankar….Big bro

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