Ain’t Gonna Talk Politics

What’s up my fellow dragon babies?

It’s been twelve days since I sent my novel to the seven beta readers, and most of them seem to be making good progress. The book is 630 pages so it will understandably take them some time to read it all and provide detailed feedback. Still, I hope the majority of them will be done by December 1st (FEEL THE PRESSURE!).

Not gonna lie: sharing your book with a bunch of people and await their critique is kinda nerve-wracking. Thankfully, I’ve heard some very positive things that makes me extremely happy. One of the betas called it a real page turner, and another one said he would sometimes forget he wasn’t reading a published book – which is kinda crazy because there’s so many typos in there 😛 Still, it’s really awesome they seem to be enjoying themselves. I’ve also heard about some issues they’ve stumbled upon (of course) but nothing too severe that can’t be fixed. All and all, I can’t wait to go get their feedback and put together an even better 3rd draft!

In the meantime I’m currently researching all the literary agents I’d love to work with and neatly organizing them in an excel spreadsheet. All of them have different submission guidelines and it’s super important to follow those instructions and show you’ve taken the time to understand what they’re looking for. It’s a rather tedious task but it needs to be done.

I’m also reading a lot which is wonderful, and catching up on some TV shows I’ve missed. The month of November will conclude with a trip to London where me and the girlfriend will finally see the Harry Potter play which will be magical. I took a picture of the venue 2 months ago when I was in London which you can see below. How cool does that look?


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