Going After Your Dreams


The road to get where I’m today has not been a straight line. The only constant factor in my life is that I’ve always wanted to work with writing in some capacity.

Oh, yes, I had a short stint where I wanted to be an actor, which made me study theater for four years in high school. That’s definitely behind me now.

Anyhow, after high school I studied film & TV-production (with a focus on script writing) for a year. Afterwards, I felt kind of sick of theater and television, and a big reason for this was video games. Video games felt so fresh and explosive compared to the movie and TV industry.

I have been a gamer my whole life, but it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I realized working with games was a possibility. For some reason, that never crossed my mind all those hours playing in front of the TV.
I remember having a discussion with my older brother  about my future, when he asked:  “what about games? You always play video games. Can’t you study something so you can be one of those people actually making games?”

I started studying game design at Future Games Academy in 2009, and I’ve been working professionally in the gaming industry since 2011, mainly as a producer/project manager. But when I started out I had a different goal, which was to make up worlds and write stories for games. During my studies I quickly learnt that the chances of that happening was minimal. The writers in the industry (the ones I know) didn’t have any kind of eduction, and it was mostly about being at the right place at the right time.

But here we are now, seven years later, at the start of 2016, and it is with immense happiness that I can officially share my new title of Writer at Starbreeze Studios! My focus will be on the story and characters of PAYDAY 2, and I will give it my all in creating cool and new experiences for all our players around the world!

I have always hated the word ‘impossible’, and have always believed that if you set your mind on something and give it your all, the universe will find ways to back you up. One dream fulfilled, now we go after that book contract 😉

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