A Random Happening

Today I ran into an old friend that I haven’t seen in many years.

This someone, apparently lives in the same neighborhood as I do (and has been for a while), but not once before have our paths crossed.


After the usual “What do you do these days” and so on, I mentioned I’m writing a novel. She asked what kind, and I said:
“I guess fantasy would be the best description.”

“Of course it is,” She said instantly–like it was the most apparent thing in the world–“What else would it be?”

Now the thing is: calling that person a friend is an exaggeration. We know each other, sure, but friends? Not really.
It does however, make me really happy that someone I really don’t know that well, still knows that much about me.
That based solely on who I am as a person, she could reply the way she did.

She is absolutely correct in her statement. For most of my friends that know me well, the answer is obvious. I’m a high-level geek. I love things that are creative and stretch far beyond the confines of our own reality. It’s not about escapism for me, and it never has been. It’s about experiencing feelings that hit the “geek” vein; the same one that makes me get goosebumps when watching a cool trailer, or forces me to call a friend and share my joy after reading an awesome book.

Why do I label myself as a geek? Easy.

Penn & Paper role playing games? Check.
Warhammer? Check.
Magic the Gathering? Check.
Pokemon? Check.
Comics? Check.
Video games? Check.

And so on, and so forth.

This little anecdote doesn’t really have a point, besides the fact that I felt really proud after this encounter. Proud that something that makes me who I am, is so very obvious, even for a person that doesn’t really know me that well.

Belzebub - ImgurPS. Sometimes I make these pictures, and if I’m forced to draw them, you are forced to look at them!

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